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Intro to the Journey

Published September 13, 2012 by pounds4polish

Hello everyone, I’d like to start today by saying thanks to everyone who has signed on to follow my blog. I really appreciate the support. Now onto the personal stuff.

It pains me to say this, especially since it’s now out there floating publicly but, it’s what I must do. Over the years I have gained a whopping 100 lbs. Yeah you read that right. For someone of my stature (5’4 in) weighing 240lbs is wrong on so many levels. With my last child who is 5 months today(awe, time just fly‘s doesn‘t it) I had gestational diabetes. The Dr. told me that being overweight and unhealthy will increase my chances of it coming back later in life. Now I know it’s been 5mos and I should have got on top of my bad eating habits by now but I was just lacking motivation. Until I found Nail Polish. Now your probably wondering what polish has to do with achieving a healthier lifestyle right. Well let me explain.

Painting my nails has become my favorite thing to do. When my budget allows, shopping for polishes and working on my nails is my get away from the stressors in everyday life. As a mother it is vital that I make some ME time throughout the week. One day it just hit me, Why not use my love of polish as my motivation to get healthy? Something you all should know about me right now, I personally don’t believe in dieting(unless it’s short term for say, an upcoming event). I do not believe in depriving myself of the things I want because then I might end up binging on those things(Oreo‘s I‘m talking about you). I believe it’s all about moderation. Instead of dieting I would rather adjust my eating habits to something healthier that I will be able to maintain everyday not just for a period of time.  I am making a pledge today, well starting tomorrow because let’s just say I didn’t have the healthiest breakfast. My pledge is that I will lose this extra weight and I will get healthier and more active. In the following days I will be figuring out a workout routine that fits into my day and setting my mini and long-term goals, and of course I’ll be blogging every step of the way. And oh, the most important part. I am now officially banning myself from any nail related purchases, because the incentive or reward for meeting my short and long-term goals will be… you guessed it NAIL POLISH & Accessories. I am really looking forward for what’s to come and I really hope you all will join me on this journey. Whether it’s to lose weight, maintain your weight, to live a healthier lifestyle or just for the love of nail polish.

The journey starts tomorrow… Til the blogosphere


Hello world!

Published September 12, 2012 by pounds4polish

Hello everyone, since this is my 1st post it’s only fitting that I tell you some things about myself and my blog. My name is Orchid. I am a 26-year-old mother of X kids. I am fairly new to the world of polish but it has quickly become one of my favorite things to do. This blog is about my love of polish and my journey to living a healthier lifestyle. I hope you all will take this journey with me, so I’m going to let you in on a few personal aspects of my journey in tomorrow’s post.  

Til then blogosphere

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